Over 100,000 homes were affected by flooding across the Greater Houston area at the end of August due to Hurricane Harvey. With the immediate need to remove debris, flooring, and drywall from homes that were flooded, members of the Houston Ghostbusters teamed up with HCSS to help clean up homes damaged by the flooding that came with the storm.

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HCSS has set up a gofundme to directly help employees and their families who were victims of this historic flooding event.

Because hundreds of our customers have contacted us asking how they can help HCSS employees who were affected by Hurricane Harvey, we have set up a GoFundMe account.

All of the money we raise will go directly to the affected employees and their families to help cover the costs of temporary housing, repairs, and other emergency items. Any additional funds collected will be used to support the local community.

More than 10% of our employees had to evacuate during the storm and we know many of their homes will have water and storm damage that will not likely be covered by insurance.

It’s humbling to have so many of our customers reach out to us offering to help, and we sincerely appreciate any of you willing to donate.

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