Hey everyone! We’ve added a few more events for 2018 to support our community and some causes very near and dear to us.

Not only are we participating in the Fort Bend Alzheimer’s Walk on Oct. 27th, but we will have members attending the Alzheimer’s Walk in Houston on November 3rd (as well as playing games all day for Extra-Life!).

The next weekend we’re participating in the MD Anderson Boot Walk to End Cancer!

Discoveries at MD Anderson lead to new treatment standards everywhere, giving all those touched by cancer the best chance for survival. MD Anderson is the place for ending cancer.

MD Anderson possesses the nation’s largest clinical research program exploring innovative cancer treatments, with more than 9,000 patients enrolled in more than 1,200 clinical trials.

You can join the fight against cancer by donating through one of our team members or by registering to walk with us and get your own fundraising page. Together, we can end cancer and create a world where our friends and family are safe from this disease.

Your donation (100%!) helps fund:

— Groundbreaking research that will save lives around the world.
Improvements in cancer care delivery and availability for those touched by cancer.
— Development of better diagnostic tools and tests that improve the quality of life for cancer survivors.

We have several social events as well throughout September and October, so be sure to check out our Calendar as well as our events on our Facebook page!

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